Wanted: Hosiery Models!!!

A hearty thanks to Tubesox Nation fan and all-around stylie-boy Bama 'n 23rd for sending a link to a haute couture site (no clue why he was lurking there on a Saturday morning) documenting the latest fashion craze amongst A-list sex kittens . . . tube socks!!! Hmmm . . . I guess if you're that caliente, you feel the need to see if you can still turn heads while dressing as your basic middle school dweeb circa 1978.

Anyhow, if those pale hose-wrapped tibias and fibulas look great at Hollywood parties, think how fabulous they'd look in this testosterone-drenched corner of the blogosphere. And really, what aspiring babe wouldn't jump at a gig as a hosiery model on Tubesox Nation? Sleep in . . . shave from the knee up . . . pose. And honestly, sweetie, the stripes don't make your calves look fat.


  1. You should cross promote the site on the tubesox fetish sites I'm sure exist.

    or at least post a request for models on Craigslist...

  2. my short-term plans involved hanging out outside the ballpark and offering a warm coors tall and a free pair of socks (clean) to any chickadee who would. . . I think you're onto something though