How to Use the Stiff-o-Meter

1. There are no absolute stiff-o-meter rules. The DOOSH that you enter into the stiff-o-meter will not be audited--this is a grassroots movement, not the flipping IRS.

2. Click on the pile of money in the right-hand sidebar of any Tubesox Nation page to get to the spreadsheet.

3. Enter a catchy cyber alias and date of Giants game attended in columns A and B, respectively

4. (optional) Enter dollars paid (hopefully $0) to Giants in spreadsheet columns C, E, G, I and K.

5. Enter DOOSH* in spreadsheet columns D, F, H, J and L where applicable
*DOOSH is dollars NOT paid to Giants because you used outside sources to purchase goods and services that you would have otherwise purchased from them (e.g., outside the ballpark, you buy a bottle of water from the Peanut Man for a buck . . . if you had bought a similar bottle of water inside the stadium it would have cost $4.75, so your DOOSH is $4.75).

6. The spreadsheet and the stiff-o-meter do the rest of the heavy lifting . . . all you need to do is navigate back to the Tubesox Nation homepage and enjoy a look at your contribution to the ever-growing pile of DOOSH.

Thanks for contributing . . . we'll see you back in the stiff-o-meter real soon.


  1. As much as I would like to DOOSH the Giants, I feel obliged to DOOSH the Bread Sox. Where can I get a clip art of a bigger pile of cash???? Huh. Who am I kidding, I can't even get it the door. Pawtucket anyone?

  2. Paw-tucky sounds like a fine option . . . hungrier players, drunker fans

    Planning an outing down to San Jose soon to watch the underlings play on a nice warm summer night.