Colombian "Has-Been" Propels Giants to WS Title!!!

The circumstances of the Giants first WS win since Ruben Gomez inaugerated major league baseball on the Left Coast (see Ruben delivering first Giants pitch in Seals Stadium in photo above) inspired me to post the following screed on sfgate:

FIRE Cliff Lee . . . for serving up some late inning slop.
FIRE (most) KNBR hosts . . . for forgetting about anybody who isn't easily repackaged into a soundbite, a nickname or a rave party remix.
And FIRE Larry Baer . . . for picking the wrong South American to immortalize in a washable, wearable $20 stuffed animal.

Edgar f***ing Renteria goes deep, deep in the heart of Texas . . . GIANTS WIN, BOCHY WINS, SABEAN WINS . . . BASEBALL WINS!!!

Read Scott Ostler's column on E-Rent:

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