Tubesox Nation Stiffs Giants Top Brass to the Tune of Four Figures!!! (six if you count the cents)

On May 25th, with the Giants limping back home to The Big Mortgage at 20-23, Tubesox Nation called for loyal fans to move the stiff-o-meter into four figures before the end of the week-long homestand. The response was. . . well, underwhelming. As Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Father's Day, and the 4th on July passed (during which time, the Gyros played 26-15 baseball), the most righteous pile of money in cyberspace remained mired below the one grand mark. But on Wednesday 7/8, a hard-cheering, fast-eating insurgency composed of Tubesox Nation veterans and irregulars visited The Big Mortgage and stiffed the bastards to the tune of 149 U.S. clams, catapulting the stiff-o-meter to the next level. Onward to five figures and the MLB minimum!!!

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