Landfill-Ready MLB Merch of the Week

In honor of our nation's 233rd birthday as well as America's throwaway culture, the commanders-in-chief at MLB ordered a league-wide deployment of "Star-Spangled" garb over the long holiday weekend. Besides astonishing Cubs fanatics and Dodger die-hards by outfitting their teams in red hats, the league's bold marketing approach has solidified MLB's street cred with the increasingly lucrative norteno and mara salvatrucha market segments.

Predictably, there's a merchandising tie-in, with MLB generously donating a portion of the profits to veterans. Tubesox Nation especially recommends this scarlet Giants lid. Priced at only $36.99, it's just as sure to turns heads at the corner of 2Oth and Mission as at 24 Willie Mays Plaza.


  1. Mississippi burningJuly 6, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    hmm, so it's dangerous to wear Red in the Mission? good to know since I'm moving closer. Is blue ok? how about green?

  2. blue is bad and same with red . . depends on the corner, vato, but don't ask me about the particulars

    a guy of your stature and pigmentation should be okey-dokey, but the "every day is St. Patrick's Day" approach never hurts