First Premium Series of Season is Approaching--Let's Stiff the Bastards!

Like an irresistable 28-26 object meeting an immovable 24-30 force, two Bay Area baseball juggernauts will soon collide in San Francisco. Beginning next Friday night, the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics will square off in a three-game series at the Big Mortgage. In honor of this titanic struggle, Giants management is offering "Premium" ticket pricing to fans . . . meaning $34 to sit in the bleachers, $32 for view reserved, $52 for lower box, etc., etc. (Beers and hot dogs are still a reasonable $8.75 and $7, respectively.)

Tubesox Nation urges all Giants (and A's) fans to unite in marking the first Feature series of the season by paying Giants management absolutely nothing.

Stiff the bastards!
Follow all five branches of the Five-Fold Path!
Accumulate lots and lots of DOOSH!
Don't be a lemmo!

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