NBC-11 Study Background and Eligibility


The Great NBC-11 Experiment will be a study of reception of the over-the-air NBC-11 broadcast signal in the nine Bay Area counties. Participants will be double-blind and random and may or may not suffer from male pattern baldness, hot flashes, and/or erectile dysfunction.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Residency in one of the nine Bay Area counties.

2. Owner of a television set.

3. Not a cable or dish subscriber.

4. NBC-11 (KNTV) broadcast reception is measurable poorer than Channel 2 (KTVU) reception.

5. Access to a digital camera or digital video recorder.

6. Brief availability for data collection during the Giants game on the evening of May 29.

7. Willingness/ability to email data promptly to botcho@earthlink.net.

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