Humm-baby, you gotta love these blogs

Across the vast reaches of the blogosphere, you'll find a good many Giants bloggers who have been at it a lot longer than Tubesox Nation . . . here are a few of the dandies:

Over at Nuschler's News, Fireman Jim douses the flames of controversy with spot-on analysis (based on real data!), and isn't afraid to take on Giants management . . . as a matter of fact, he's up on his soapbox right now, taking a stand on the Nick Johnson Question. And here's to you, Jim, for plunging bravely into the Tubesox Nation Stiff-o-Meter and entering your DOOSH.

And although I suspected I wasn't the only person who was hip to fourth generation San Franciscan Larry Baer's master plan to fleece us fans for every last dime and use the profits to open a chain of Arctic superstores selling ice, I was unprepared for the depth of analysis at the excellent Only Baseball Matters, where a certain commenter alludes to storm troopers, KNBR stooges, and a juiced-up in-stadium radar gun for the benefit of the "quiche eaters." Best of all, there's even vague instructions for making a DIY Larry Baer bobblehead. Give that man a lifetime membership in Tubesox Nation.

Finally, a tip of the Tubesox Nation cap to one of the honchos over at Raising (Matt) Cain, who makes the effort to do a little first-hand reporting on the SJ Giants rather than just citing stats from some seam-head website. Love those San Jose Muni prices . . . at five bucks for a pint of Bud, I might just give up my contrabandista ways.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. The tubesox nation really seems to be taking off. Hopefully this'll be a good homestand for the nation.