Tubesox Nation Bay-cott #1: The Peanut Man Cometh

it's a great day for twoMatch-up: Diamondbacks-Giants
Date: 4/18
Weather: sunny, 66 degrees
Five-Fold Path adherence: cycle
DOOSH: $50.25

Sunny April Saturday and the cat is photosynthesizing inside a grocery bag. She always did like paper, preferably double-bagged. The Giants are playing down in China Basin, and it's a perfect day for Tubesox Nation to begin its march, a perfect day to support the team, while stiffing the management. So after a brief pit-stop at Ganim's Market, San Francisco's Home of the Ganichenga, I'm rolling down the north side of Potrero Hill towards the ballpark. The slope gives out and I pass a sidewalk sale and fenced-off piles of rip-rap where a couple of local establishments used to stand. R.I.P. Cargo Restaurant. R.I.P. Triangle Sandwich Shop. A billboard anounces that the UCSF Children's and Women's Hospitals are coming, and who's against women and children? Still, sometimes when the wind calms and the bulldozer dust settles, you can almost smell the mayo and the liverwurst, almost hear the rattling of the ice in 17th Street sidewalk salethe shaker just before the Beefeater's is strained cold into a glass and drunk neat before noon. continue reading . . .

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